Wall, Fireplace & Decorative Tiles

A selection of decorative tiles is always in stock.  Old fireplace tiles are perfect for unusual and quirky splashbacks or even stair risers.

Various Odd Fireplace Tiles – £5 to £12 each + vat.

T R Boote Tiles – Transfer printed, hand coloured tiles designed by Kate Greenaway depicting Summer, Autumn & Winter, Circa 1881-1885 – £65 each + vat.

Sherwin & Cotton Picture Tiles – designed by George Cartlidge using the Emaux Ombrants technique, Circa 1900 – £85 for the complete and £55 for the broken, both + vat.

Mintons Block Print Tiles – Decorated and glazed terracotta tile in a geometric design from the Hans van Lemmen collection – £15 each + vat.  SOLD

Art Nouveau Emabossed Majolica Tiles – depicting wreaths & torches, Circa 1900-1910 – £145 set + vat.  Please note there are 3 damaged corners which will be mostly, but not wholly, covered by the fireplace frame.

Minton Sandwich Pressed Tiles – a neo-medieval gothic revival style depicting Fleur de Lys in a pointed octofoil, Circa 1860 – £25 each + vat.   SOLD

Stovax Used Reproduction Fireplace Tiles – reproduced from an original Victorian design depicting birds and rushes on one side and birds and butterflies on the other – £95 set + vat.

Art Nouveau Tubelined Majolica Fireplace Tiles – depicting a plant mirrored up each side, Circa 1900 – £145 + vat.  Please note 2 tiles are broken (2nd from top on left and 2nd from bottom on right).

Mintons Monochrome Majolica Tiles – small 3″ tiles depicting a leaf array, Circa 1873-1883 – £5 each + vat.

Mintons Ltd Monochrome Majolica Tiles – small 3″ tiles depicting a simplistic floret, Circa 1883-1918 – £5 each + vat.


Please note we are unable to update our website on a daily basis so it is best to contact us to check stock & availability.