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Railway Sleepers

Reclaimed grade A railway sleepers are always kept in stock. They are the standard 10″x6″x8’6″ , they are predominantly mahogany and will last a lifetime. Ideal for use as steps, bridges, raised flower beds and many landscaping features.

We are now stocking new pressure treated softwood sleepers (FSC certified) and new oak sleepers (PEFC certified), both of these measure up at 8″x4″x8′.

We also keep sleeper staples and spikes in stock subject to availability.

Reclaimed grade A hardwood railway sleepers  Out of Stock

New oak sleepers   £27 + vat

New softwood sleepers  Out of Stock

Sleeper Staples  Out of Stock

Sleeper Spikes – single height  £5.50 + vat

Sleeper Spikes – double height  £9.50 + vat