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Fireplace Tiles & Decorative Tiles

A selection of fireplace tiles & decorative tiles is always kept in stock.  Finding a full set to finish off an old fireplace is wonderful but odd fireplace tiles are also perfect for creating unusual and quirky splash backs in both the kitchen or bathroom and are very popular for facing stair risers.

Please click on the main picture to bring up a slideshow with identifying labels.

Various Odd Fireplace Tiles – £5 to £15 each + vat.

Craven & Dunnill Ltd – Embossed majolica tiles depicting a stylised flower (Poppy or Acanths?).  25 available £20 each + vat.

T R Boote Tiles – Transfer printed, hand coloured tiles designed by Kate Greenaway depicting Summer, Autumn & Winter, Circa 1881-1885 – £65 each + vat.

Sherwin & Cotton Picture Tiles – designed by George Cartlidge using the Emaux Ombrants technique, Circa 1900 – £85 for the complete and £55 for the broken, both + vat. Broken one now sold.

Mintons Ltd Monochrome Majolica Tiles – small 3″ tiles depicting a simplistic floret, Circa 1883-1918 – £5 each + vat.

Aesthetic Transfer Printed Fireplace Tiles – depicting shells and coral, Circa 1880 – 1900.  Full set of 10 £200 + vat.

Reproduction Fireplace Tiles – depicting iris in a vase.  New and unused, £60 + vat.

H & R Johnson Floral Tiles – dating from the 1960’s but unused and still in their original boxes!  Lots available, £3.50 each + vat.



Please note we are unable to update our website on a daily basis so it is best to contact us to check stock & availability.