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We always have a large range of reclaimed bricks in stock. But, bear in mind, a brick is not, as many people think, simply a brick. There are various types of brick and each brickyard would have produced a different variation within each of these types (since brick making began there have been hundreds of recorded brickyards in Sussex alone). On this page you can see some of the processes involved in reclaiming bricks, scroll down to see images of varying bricks.

Although there is now a standard size used in modern brick making, in times past bricks were made in varying sizes, depending on age and origin. There is also a large diversity of colours and textures. These contrast occur due to variations in the clay used and different methods of making the bricks (i.e. by hand or machine) plus differences in the actual kilns. Please note that any information given here refers only to period bricks and is not relevant to modern bricks.

All our bricks are cleaned by hand which is an horrendous task, but it does give the bricks a better finish than machine cleaning. Because of the nature of the materials and the way they were made it is always best to view the items in person, particularly if trying to match to existing. On this page are some example of the varying types, click on the images to see more.

Please note we are unable to update our website on a daily basis so it is best to contact us to check stock & availability.

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