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Reproduction Bricks

Other than some brick slips and blue headed batts which we have in stock, all other reproduction bricks are currently unavailable.


As a reclamation yard we don’t feel the need to fill the yard with reproduction bricks, despite the difficulties in finding originals.  But we do like to give our customers a good choice so we have searched far and wide for the best quality and keep a batch or two of Imperial reproduction bricks in stock and can get others to order in full pallets.

Please click on the main picture to bring up a slideshow with identifying labels.

Old Dark Blend (68mm),   OOS

Blue Headed Batts (65 – 68mm), in stock any quantity available £2.20 each + vat.  Please note these are a half brick with one blue head, designed to mix in with Ashburnhams to bolster the number of blue heads or even dot in with some red kiln bricks to create an Ashburnham look.  They are not for using on their own to build walls.

Reclamation Shire Blend (68mm),  525 bricks per pallet.

Reclamation Soft Red (68mm), 540 bricks per pallet.

Urban Weathered (68mm), 525 bricks per pallet.

Tudor Multi (50mm), 600 bricks per pallet.

3″ Banded Wirecut (73mm), 540 bricks per pallet.

2½” Orange Wirecut (65mm), 576 bricks per pallet.

Reproduction Brick Slips, in stock any quantity available £1.25 each + vat.

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Please note we are unable to update our website on a daily basis so please contact us to check stock and availability.