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Wirecut and Engineering Bricks

Wirecut & Engineering bricks are machine made and are a solid, hard and often crisp looking brick. They started being produced in the early Victorian times so machine made doesn’t necessarily mean modern. Batches can either be all one colour or multi-coloured, some have almost a sheen to the surface whereas others can have a crackled surface.

Also included in this category are Gault bricks (sometimes called Gaunts) which are a yellow hard faced brick often used in this area for polychrome brickwork (one notable local example being the stunning All Souls Church in Eastbourne).  Many batches can be used for paving due to their high density.

Please click on the main picture to bring up a slideshow with identifying labels.  Please note, to save confusion, our bricks are generally named from the demolition site they have been reclaimed from.


Victoria Dr. Wirecut Bricks  £1500 per ‘000 + vat or pro rata.

Autolec Workshop Wirecut Bricks  £1500 per ‘000 + vat or pro rata.

Edwin Rd Chunky Wirecut Bricks  £1450 per ‘000 + vat or pro rata.

Ersham Rd Warnham Engineering Bricks  £1450 per ‘000 + vat or pro rata.

Cherry Cottage Gault Bricks  SOLD

New Metric Textured Wirecut Bricks  £1000 per ‘000 + vat or pro rata

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