Paving Bricks

Paving bricks are always a hard brick in order to cope with wear and weather and tend to be thinner than a standard walling brick.  What we call a Victorian Paviour (a generalization) tends to be a mix of reds and oranges with some dark overtones, but there are, of course, many variations.

We also keep in stock a reproduction paviour with a smooth but slightly pitted surface which will weather down beautifully along with a really rustic reproduction paver.

Stable bricks (also called Crossovers) are normally ‘Staffordshire blue’ (blue/purple/almost black) in colour with a surface that is commonly divided into two, four or eight squares, although occasionally a diamond pattern.  Some Red Kiln, Wirecut and Engineering bricks can be used for paving, indeed we often get reclaimed batches in with an already worn and weathered surface.

Please click on the main picture to bring up a slideshow with identifying names.

Victorian Paviours  £2.35 each + vat

Red Brick Pavers  £2.00 each + vat

Wirecut Paving Bricks  £1.40 each + vat

Diamond Cut Stable Bricks  SOLD

Reproduction Paviours  £1.35 each Out of Stock

2-Cut Stable Bricks  £1.45 each + vat

Rustic Reproduction Pavers  £1.20 each + vat

French Reds  £1.00 each + vat


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