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Red Kiln Bricks

Red kiln bricks are handmade and tend to be a solid brick in tone of reds and oranges, generally they will have creasing on the surface which gives them an attractive soft/mellow look.  Within this category are also what we, in this area, call ‘Ashburnham’ bricks, which is a red kiln brick with normally a blue header (although this can be anything from pale grey to black and even green on occasions).  We also stock some excellent Reproduction Bricks to emulate the look of the originals.

Please click on the main picture to bring up a slideshow with identifying labels.  Please note, to save confusion, our bricks are generally named from the demolition site they have been reclaimed from.


Sturton Place Red Kiln Bricks  £1850 per ‘000 + vat or pro rata.  These include a quantity of painted faces which will be incorporated into the mix and which is reflected in the price.

Old Loom Mill Ashburnham Bricks   SOLD

60mm Rustic Red Bricks  £1750 per ‘000 + vat or pro rata.

Tylers Gn 2in Reds  £2000 per ‘000 + vat or pro rata.

Handmade Weathered Orange Reproduction Red Bricks  £1650 per ‘000 + vat or pro rata.

New Handmade Red Brick Slips £1.25 each + vat.


Please note we are unable to update our website on a daily basis so please contact us to check stock & availability.