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Shaped, Coping & Special Bricks

There is a huge range of shaped, coping & special bricks.  These bricks also come in the varying types of Red Kilns, Multi-Stocks and Engineerings and so we always have a large selection in stock.

Due to the difficulty in obtaining originals we now have a range of imperial reproductions that we keep in stock.

Below is just an example of some of the special bricks we have in stock, if you are looking for anything in particular it’s best to send a photo to


Saddleback Coping Bricks  £5.00 each + vat

Metric Saddleback Coping Bricks  £4.00 each + vat

Victorian Red Kiln Squint Bricks  £3.50 each + vat

Victorian Multi Stock Squint Bricks  £3.50 each + vat

Reproduction Half Round Coping Bricks  £5.50 each + vat

Reproduction Pyramid Coping Bricks  OOS

Reproduction Plinth Stretcher Bricks  £5.00 each + vat

Red Kiln Detailing Bricks  £3.50 each + vat

Ogee Header Detailing Bricks  £3.50 each + vat

Victorian Clay Channel Bricks  £15 each + vat

Staffordshire Blue Detailing Bricks  £3.00 each + vat

Decorative Victorian Airbricks  £28 each + vat

Salt Glazed Victorian Airbricks  £65 each + vat

Basketweave Airbrick  £45 + vat

Standard Airbrick Selection £5 to £20 each + vat

190mm Glass Bricks  £3.50 each + vat

200mm Glass Bricks  £4.00 each + vat

300mm Glass Bricks  £6 each + vat

190mm Blue Glass Bricks £5 each + vat