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Reclaimed Floor & Quarry Tiles

We always have a good selection of reclaimed floor & quarry tiles in stock.  These include both quarry tiles with that smoother harder surface and pammett floor tiles (also known as pamments) with that softer appearance.  Both are hard wearing and suitable for inside and outside situations.

Click on the main picture to bring up a slideshow with identifying labels.

4″ terracotta quarry tiles   SOLD

195mm x 145mm heather quarry tiles  £1.80 each (£63 per m²) + vat.

100mm French quarry tiles in cream and deep red  75p each  (£75 per m²) + vat.

9″ terracotta bullnose quarry tiles   £5.00 each + vat.  Some remains of red tile paint.

Plus various other batches in stock as well.

Square metre prices are worked out on butt-jointed tiles.

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Please note we are unable to update our website on a daily basis so it is best to contact us to check stock & availability.