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Tiles can vary widely in colour and appearance due to age and origin, they can also weather differently depending on the surroundings. As with many reclaimed materials it is best to view the items in person. Handmade nib tiles are commonly 10½”x6½” with a creased texture and rustic look. Handmade peg tiles are generally smaller in size and a little more irregular. Both types can range from orange through to black. Machine made nib tiles are almost always 10½”x6½” with a pressed, compacted consistency and a sharper crisper look, they can have either a smooth or slightly sanded surface and a range of colours. We also stock various shaped tiles.  We are now stocking 38mm Ali peg drops.

Plus, if you are looking to re-roof in new tiles, we have an excellent supplier of new handmade & handcrafted tiles who will visit site and help you choose the best suited product for your project.