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Victorian Cast Iron Gas Heaters

We have seven of these wonderful Victorian cast iron gas heaters which were salvaged from the Winter Gardens Theatre in Eastbourne.  They stand 40″ tall and the base measures 27″ x 12″.  They would have run by a set of gas burners hidden behind a flap at the base (originally with coloured glass panels) which heats up the air in the cast iron carcass and radiates the heat out into the room.  These are being sold as non-working antique items for decor or restoration.  There are, due to the age, some cracks in the casing of a few, a couple are missing the flaps and there is missing glass from some of the flaps.

Prices range between £125 & £175 per item dependant on exact condition.


Please note we are unable to update our website on a daily basis so please ring to check stock & availability.