Animal Ornaments

We always have huge amounts of animal ornaments in stock, both reality based and mythical, both reclaimed and reproduction, many from local craftsmen.  Don’t forget animal finials also look very effective as garden ornaments.  Bear in mind this is only a selection of our range, many more animals in stock.  Click on the main picture to bring up a slideshow with labels!


These prices are inclusive of VAT.

Large Cast Stag  £700

Cast Rooster  £65

Large White Lions  Out of Stock

Decorative Stag Head  £54

Wyvern Dragon Head  £18

Large Boars Head  £48

Timber Lion Head  £45.60

Wood Effect Cockerel  £54

Wood Effect Hen  £48

Wolf Mask  £30

Longhorn Head  £25.20

Bear Mask  £36

Phoenix Griffins  £54 each or £96 pair  Out of Stock

Clarence Lion  £66 each or £120 pair  Out of Stock

Tortoise  Out Of Stock

Sitting Pig  £38.40

Cast Frog  £28.80

Horse  £42

Scrap Metal Seahorse  £900

Owl on Log  £25.20

Eagle with Fish  £114

Jaguar Griffin  £54 each or £96 pair

Sentinel Griffin  £54 each of £96 pair

Elephant with Trunk Down  £21.60

Moon Gazing Hare  £19.20

Giant Frog £42


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Please note we are unable to update our website on a daily basis so it is best to contact us to check stock & availability.