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Gates & Railings

There is always a stack of gates & railings in the yard, various sizes and styles at any one time.  Please bear in mind this is just a small selection of our stock.

Please click on the main picture to bring up a slideshow with identifying names.

Green Railings on Iron Coping – approximately 12′ (3.6m) in length and 33″ (83cm) in height.  SOLD

Railings on Slate Coping – chunky iron posts set into Welsh slate coping stones and topped off with a Fleur-de-Lys finial.  Stands 38″ (97cm) high including the slate base which is 14″ (36cm) wide.  Overall length of approximately 42′ (12¾m) (plus an extra 3′ (90cm) section of the slate coping), 2 missing posts and two more missing finials. £3000 + vat.

Curved Railing – 2 pieces of curved railing to set on either side of an entrance.  Each piece is approximately 117″ (3m) in length and 24″ (62cm) high plus the 9″ (23cm) legs for setting.  £240 + vat.

Small Plain Double Gates – a nice simple pair of galvanised gates with posts.  Overall size (including posts) is approximately 72½” (1.84m) wide and 43¼” (1.1m) high.  £180 + vat.

Small Decorative Double Gates – a simple pair of galvanised gates with some decorative scroll detail and both posts.  Overall size (including posts) is approximately 71″ (1.8m) wide and 44″ (1.12m) high.  SOLD


Please note we are unable to update our website on a daily basis so please contact us to check stock and availability.