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Cleaners & Polishes

We carry in stock a range of Hagesan cleaners and polishes to supplement the materials we sell.

  • REMOVER  For intensive deep cleaning, removes old polish, wax, stubborn dirt and oils from quarry tiles and non-calcareous natural stone.
  • LIMEX  For removing cement stains, mortar residues & efflorescence from ceramic/quarry tiles and non-calcareous natural stone.
  • SPOT STAIN REMOVER  For removing oil, grease, fat and other stubborn stains from tile, brick, stone and concrete.
  • OIL AND GREASE STAIN ABSORBER  For easy removal of virtually all types of oil and grease stains from all porous stone surfaces.  A self-acting product which absorbs the oil or grease from the stone.
  • IMPREGNATING PROTECTOR  Basic treatment for invisible protection against the penetration of dirt and grease stains, and also prevents an absorbent effect.  For all types of highly to lightly porous tiles and flagstones.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • STAIN PROTECTOR  Protects invisibly against stains and the penetration and adhesion of dirt. For all types of porous and non-porous ceramic tiles, natural stone, concrete and polyconcrete. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • SATIN GLOSS POLISH  For sealing floor tiles, slate and natural stone, enhancing the colour and texture and giving a satin sheen.  Gives an easy to mop surface.
  • SHINE CLEANER  Wash for all tiles and stone floors, cleans and protects in one go.  Ideal for floors treated with Satin Gloss Polish.
  • WAX NATURAL  Protects the surface of the floor, deepens the colour intensity and provides a warm silk shine for terracotta floors.
  • WAX MARRON  Protects the surface of the floor, enhances the appearance with a reddish brown colour and provides a warm silk shine for terracotta floors.
  • WAX PROTECTOR  Gives waxed terracotta tiles a shining surface against stubborn dirt and stains.  Protects wax against wear.
  • MARBLE STAIN COLOUR REMOVER  Simply removes stains caused by tea, coffee, wine, etc. from marble, travertine and terrazzo.
  • NATURAL STONE GLOSS POLISH  Ideal for quickly and simply restoring a beautiful shine to small surfaces such as tables, window ledges, worktops and doorsteps made from marble, travertine, granite and other types of natural stone.
  • PARQUET COLOUR RENOVATOR  Makes damp stains disappear, restores the natural colour and camouflages scratches on parquet and wooden floors.
  • PARQUET PROTECTIVE COATING GLOSS FINISH  For protecting the varnish layer of parquet against wear, scratching and other damage.  Gives a gloss finish with an anti-slip effect.
  • PARQUET CLEANER  Mopping cleaner for regular and streak free cleaning of both varnished parquet and parquet treated with protective coating.
  • PROFESSIONAL LIMESCALE REMOVER  Removes limscale, rust stains yellow stain deposits and copper oxide from chrome, stainless steel, ceramics, tiles, glass, crystal and plastic.
  • SCALE AWAY FOAM SPRAY  Removes scale haze quickly and thoroughly, leaving a brilliant shine.
  • RUST REMOVER  Eliminates rust easily, protects against rust reformation.
  • STOVE GLASS CLEANER  Removes soot, tar and grease from glass windows in stoves.  Also suitable for removing minor soot deposits from bricks and mantlepieces.
  • LIQUID ANTIQUE WAX  Gives antique furniture natural nourishment thus preventing drying out.  Easy to apply and leaves a high gloss and a hard, dirt repellent film.