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Statues & Busts

We always have several statues & busts in stock, these can vary widely in size, age, colouring and weathering.  We have something to suit every budget!

These prices are inclusive of VAT.  Height listed is approximate.

Hercules on Plinth  £1140    70″ / 1780mm

Maiden with Water Jugs  £510    51″ / 1300mm

Josephine Bust  £66    18½” / 470mm

Large Diana Statue  £480      50″ / 1270mm    GDN97

Wrestling Boys Statue  £270    23″ / 590mm    GDN105

Venus Statue  £234   46″ / 1170mm   GDN101

Peasant Girl on small plinth   £228   35″ / 890mm   GDN57

Greek Maid   £150  40″ / 1150mm   GDN55


Bear in mind this is just a fraction of our statues & busts and don’t forget to look at our animals statues too.


Please note we are unable to update our website on a daily basis so please ring to check stock and availability.