Statues & Busts

We always have several statues & busts in stock, these can vary widely in size, age, colouring and weathering.  We have something to suit every budget!

Hercules on Plinth  £950 + vat.

Eve with Snake  £80 + vat.

Josephine Bust  £38 + vat.

Monique Bust  SOLD

Twisted Plinth  £45 + vat.

Apollo Bust£65 + vat.

Diana Bust  £65 + vat.

Centurion Bust  SOLD

Puck on Plinth  £130 + vat.

Frenchman  SOLD

Bust on Column  SOLD

Venus on Plinth  SOLD

Bear in mind this is just a fraction of our statues & busts and don’t forget to look at our animals statues too.


Please note we are unable to update our website on a daily basis so please ring to check stock and availability.