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Fire Dogs, Baskets and Grates

We always have a selection of Fire dogs, baskets & grates in stock. These can all vary considerably in sizes and styles to suit varying fireplaces.  Fire dogs (also known as andirons) can be used to hold baskets or, on their own, give that wonderful ‘country pub’ look holding large slow burning logs.  Sizes are listed width x depth x height and are taken at the largest point.

Please click on the main picture to bring up a slideshow with identifying names.

Large Swan Nest Dog Grate.  20th Century, 36″ x 18″ x 16″, £320 + vat.  FPGT2   SOLD

Simple Basket on Tall Dogs.  19th Century , 36″ x 19½” x 23″,  £240 + vat.  FPSOR39

Spiked Simple Basket  £85 + vat.  FPSOR40

Arrowhead Bars & Grate  £45 + vat.  FPGT15

Schroll Bars & Grate  £45 + vat.  FPSOR46

Modernist Iron Fire Dogs.  20th Century, possibly French, 8″ x 17½” x 16″ each, £70 + vat.  FPSOR10

Tall Cupdogs.  18th Century with spithooks for grilling food and cups for keeping soup or drinks warm, 11″ x 21″ x 26″,  £95 + vat.  FPD6

Brass Extended Fire Dogs.  Victorian, have been extended, 6″ x 20½” x 9½” each, £65 + vat.  FPD0002

Modernist Twisted Fire Dogs.  20th Century, possibly French, 10½” x 15″ x 14½” each, £75 + vat.  FPD0004


Please note we are unable to update our website on a daily basis so it is best to contact us to check stock & availability.