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Indian Paving

We also stock the very popular Indian paving stone in various colours. The price of this has made natural stone available to everyone, often being cheaper than some of the replica concrete slabbing available these days. Indian stone comes in either a hard sandstone with a riven surface or a solid limestone with a smooth but lightly textured surface, both can be used inside or out.

All of our sandstone is calibrated with a hand fettled edge, while the limestone comes with a machine cut edge, it is ethically sourced and of high quality.  Available in patio packs of 18.72 m² coverage with a mix of 900×600, 600×600, 600×300 & 300×300 sizes, plus single size crates in 900×600 and 600×600 (subject to availability).


We stock the following colours, which are all available for viewing at our yard:

  • Sagar Black Sandstone – a soft charcoal grey with some brown throughout and an excellent replacement for reclaimed York Flag.  Out of Stock
  • Raj Green Sandstone – a muted mix with shades of green, grey & brown and ideal for a classic stone look.  £26 m² + vat or £470 + vat for a full patio pack.
  • Autumn Brown Sandstone – a soft blend of browns reminiscent of autumn leaves, adding a warm charm to a property.  £26 m² + vat or £470 + vat for a full patio pack.
  • Fossil Mint Sandstone – pale sandy colours with orange streaks and black fossil effects, perfect for brightening up dark areas with a mediterranean feel.  £26 m² + vat or £470 + vat for a full patio pack.
  • Kandla Grey Sandstone – a consistent colouration of light to mid grey with steely blue hints, again brightens up dark areas.  £26 m² + vat or £470 for a full patio pack.
  • Kotah Black Limestone – a bold blend of black and charcoal which creates a striking contemporary look, this is an excellent alternative to slate at a much lower price and is also much harder wearing.  £30 m² + vat or £550 + vat for a full patio pack.


We also have uncalibrated cobble setts available:

  • 100 x 100 Kotah Black at 38p each + vat.


We do also get, at times, reclaimed Indian stone which has the added benefit of a few years of weathering whilst still being at the cheaper end of the market when compared to reclaimed Yorkstone.  Currently at £50 per m² + vat.

Please see the Gallery for Indian laid.

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Please note we are unable to update our website on a daily basis so please contact us to check stock & availability.